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Office Moving Planning Guide

Pre-Plan Placement

Use the graph below to pre-plan placement of your furniture and equipment in the new office. This will avoid confusion and delay in setting up your new quarters. A scale of 1/2 ft. or 6" to each graph square is adequate for most individual office or work area requirements. If your area needs are greater, use a scale of 1 ft. to each square. Be sure to indicate doors, columns, and other obstructions that could affect placement of furniture and equipment.


Tagging and Marking Procedures

  1. Moving Labels

    Assorted colors are available for your tagging requirements. Obtain your specific code assignments for floor, room, number, etc. from your Move Consultant. Carefully print your identification code in large letters with a dark crayon or magic marker before placing tags on items to eliminate damage.

  2. Do Not Move

    If items are not to be moved or if equipment and furniture are to be discarded, be sure to tag them with "Do Not Move" labels. This will eliminate unnecessary expense.

  3. Special Types of Furniture

    Furniture such as "L" desks and conference tables may need to be dismantled. If so, be certain that all sections of the pieces of furniture that are dismantled have the same tag color and code information.

  4. Tag Placement

    Please follow the illustrations as seen on this page in order to place coded tags in a uniform manner. The mover requires this uniformity to quickly and efficiently replace your furniture and equipment in the new location.

  5. Arrows

    These pressure sensitive arrows point to the direction in which an object is to be located in the new quarters. These removable arrows are color coordinated with the moving labels, and may be applied to floors, walls, ceilings, etc.

Packing Instructions

Book Cases:
Remove all books and pack in cartons.
Coat Racks or Lockers:
Pack all items and contents.
Where locks and keys are available for any items being moved, keys should be wire tagged and coded to the locks they fit and packed in a safe place.
Office Machines:
Do not pack these machines! Leave the machines on top of their desk or stand. All machines must be unfastened and disconnected. Pads and covers for machines should be placed in a carton. Mover will give particular attention to all these units.
Pictures, Maps and Bulletin Boards:
If secured, remove these items from the wall. Tag each piece according to Tagging Instructions; place them on end, back-to-back in carton. If the item does not fit in a carton, lean it against the wall and the mover will take it from there. Consolidate small pictures in container. Cushion with packing material, i.e., newspaper.
Security Files:
All files should be locked prior to moving. If security regulations necessitate escorts, advise the Move Consultant and he will make arrangements with the mover. Security files may then be consolidated and moved on one or more vans as required.
Supply or Storage Cabinets:
Pack all contents in cartons. Cabinet doors should then be locked, taped or tied.

Final Check List

  • Desks empty?
  • Supply cabinets cleared?
  • File drawers locked?
  • Wall items taken down?
  • Breakable items properly packed?
  • Computers and other machines disconnected?
  • 'Do Not Move' tags placed?
  • Liquids drained from equipment?
  • Loose casters removed?
  • Desk pads and chair pads tagged? Now take another look around...
  • Everything is tagged and marked?
  • Condition of furniture and equipment carefully checked?
  • ________________________________________
  • ________________________________________
  • ________________________________________
  • ________________________________________
  • ________________________________________
  • ________________________________________
  • ________________________________________
  • ________________________________________
  • ________________________________________
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